Friday, 21 June 2013

Out of Darkness - Christian Poetry and Meditation by Lucy Mills

Regular readers of this blog will know I am not really a person who reads poetry. So why am I reviewing one? I really loved Lucy Mills previous book poetry book, so thought I would try this one. I am really glad I did.

This book is not just poetry it is a hearts cry. There is real emotion in the words and they draw you to a place deep within yourself and closer to God. I particularly liked A Quiet Place which is about the business of our lives and taking time out to spend quietly with God. This really spoke to me as modern life can often be frantic. I would highly recommend this book to all Christians. It is one which you will return to again and again in your times of meditation. Lucy has a real talent to write poetry which brings you nearer to God.

I am now of to my writing group and my next blog will bring you up to date with my writing journey. See you all soon.

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