Friday, 10 August 2012

The Only Person on Earth Who Hates Fifty Shades of Grey

The Only Person on Earth Who Hates Fifty Shades of Grey.

 I'm taking time out of my day to share the Blog Post of Julie Cave a Christian Writer. She is not the only person who hates these books. I also feel everyone has jumped on the bandwagon with this trilogy. I wont say any more as Julie has said it so well and sets out the reasons why there is danger in this type of book.

Like Julie I am not moralising here. I just have concerns that this type of book that venerates violence with sex has become mainstream. Neither am I denying people the right to read this book should they choose to do so. However, there are so many excellent books out there and I just feel sorry that people are not reading these instead.

My next Blog Post will be a bit more cheery than this I promise and will be outlining some of the books which I believe can bring enjoyment without all the sex and violence. Until then, have a great day

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