Thursday, 27 May 2010

The first one out of the box

It has taken me some time to write my first bookaholic book review, but this is not because I have not been reading. On the contrary I have read many books since my first post, my difficulty was in choosing where to start with these reviews. Which author to pick for my first one. It's a difficult decision to make. So, with a roll of drums, who did I decide on. The winner is...... Cody McFadyen.

Many of you may be saying who is he, and some of you might have read him already, but that's ok because there is plenty here for everyone. McFadyen has written a quartet of books about a female FBI profiler called Smoky Barrett. Smoky, having seen her husband and child killed by a serial killer, and having had her own face slashed in the process, has her own inner demons. However, I am getting ahead of myself at this stage. The four books are, in order:

Shadow Man - Amazon UK                   Amazon US
The Face of Death - Amazon UK           Amazon US
The Darker Side - Amazon UK              Amazon US
Abandoned - Amazon UK                      Amazon US
Although you could read these independently, I think they are much better read in order. This gives you a sense of continuity and the characters grow on you throughout the books as more of their character is revealed. Smoky, despite her obvious flaws, is a brilliant character, who manages to tug at the heartstrings. Not bad for a male writer, who is writing about women.

In the first book, Smoky is being targeted by a sadistic killer, who sends her a videotape of one of his crimes. The intense plot revolves around her trying to find the killer, through an edge of your seat ride. Smoky returns in book 2 hunting a serial killer who has taken a young woman's entire life from her. It is chilling and horrific, and somehow I couldn't seem to put it down. Moving swiftly on to book 3, which is what I did when I was reading them. Smoky finds herself hunting for yet another serial killer who knows what people's darkest secrets are and uses it to hunt them down and kill them. Again this is a roller coaster ride which I took clinging on to the sides, knowing I just had to keep going. In book 4 you will find yourself breathless yet again, whilst hurtling through the story of a young woman who has been missing for 8 years until she appears, thrown from a car, naked, in front of a wedding.

In each of these books the plot is complex, but extremely enjoyable. Cody McFadyen is a brilliant writer who manages to draw the reader in to the stories, and make them feel they are part of the action and the lives of the characters. I read these four books in very quick succession, and I am sure you will too if you choose to read them. Only one final thought. The last book, Abandoned, seemed to give the impression it was the end of the road for the series, but gave a slight hint they could continue. Should Cody be reading this, then please, please, please continue. Your fans need them.

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