Tuesday, 15 May 2018

11 Quick Marketing Strategies to use Before Breakfast

As writers, or indeed in any industry, the biggest challenge today is getting our books seen. Yet, mention the word Marketing in any group of writers and a collective groan will go up. Marketing is seen as both a necessary evil and a time suck. I can fully understand why you feel that way. So today's blog brings you quick and easy ideas you can use to get you started.

1. Write 5 tweets. Schedule them to go out at optimum times throughout the day. You can use a social media scheduler such as Hootsuite or Buffer to do this. You can use this handy article to check the best times 

2. Set Buffer or Hootsuite to post to Instagram and Facebook. One caveat, if you post the same content to all your social media accounts at once people will know you are autoposting. This might annoy some of your readers. However, you need to make your own decision about this.

3. Change your Facebook Business Page to a Shop Page. Details of how to do this can be found here 

4. Write a facebook post for your Facebook Page. Make it unique, funny, helpful, an article about some aspect of your book. In fact anything that doesn't say buy my book. What? Yes, that's right don't sell your book. However, if you have made your Page a Shop then you will be able to link to your books on any post. See point three on how to do this.

5. Start a Facebook Readers Group for your books. Many authors are now doing this as it gets around the throttling of posts on pages.

6. Write a blog post. Again don't make this specifically about your books. However, provide pictures of your books and links

7. Write a newsletter to your mailing list. Again, not specifically about your books, but add a section saying if you haven't read them all yet then now's the time or whatever variation of this you would like to use.

8. If you haven't got a newsletter then start one. Use an email service provider such as Mailchimp,  AWeber or ConvertKit

9. Jot down 30 ideas for blog posts. This will speed up the process when you want to write a post. Your brain will also percolate the ideas and will be ready to produce when you sit down at the keyboard.

10. Join a Facebook Copromote Tweet Group. Use this to get retweets for your posts. Retweet others in the group to provide helpful content to your followers

11. Join a Facebook Marketing Group to get more ideas and to collaborate in marketing each others groups I have one on Facebook called Killer Marketing Techniques for Writers 

12. yes, I know I said 11 but there's always a bonus tip. Go to twitter or Facebook and share for three of your friends. Being nice to people is free and usually everyone will be nice back

I hope these help. Tune in soon for more Killer Marketing Ideas

About the Author

Wendy H. Jones is the bestselling author of the Award Winning DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries and the Fergus and Flora Mysteries. She lives and writes in Scotland. She is also the author of 'Power Packed Book Marketing'. You can find out more and get a free ebook on her website

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