Sunday, 16 October 2016

Observations for Effective Writing

Today in the Authors Electric blog I am talking about how travelling can enrich you writing. I would like to take this a bit further in this blog. For the writers my hope is that it will help you. For the readers I hope you enjoy the insight into how writers find their inspiration. 

As I say, this blog gas arisen from a blog about travelling and writing. It is said that when travelling solo you are more likely to notice things and I have found this to be spot on. I have seen so many fascinating things and people on my travels. Children in particular, are an endless source of delight and fascination. 

Lets unpack what we see in the images above. Well the image of the little girls anyway. What can a writer get from this. Firstly, the girls look happy. I think they look mischievous. It immediately gets me thinking about what they have done. Or could it be they have never seen a camera before and are enjoying their moment of fame. Are they shy? Has the photographer got them laughing? The girl on the right looks more confident than the one on the left. Why is that? Are their backgrounds so different? Why is the girl on the left wearing a scarf? Is she Muslim? Is she cold? Are the girls friends? Are they sisters? All these questions come to mind and can be used in writing.

The picture does not only bring questions to mind. There are also a number of things that can be observed and used in books. The tilt of the girls head as she laughs. The way her hand is rising to cover her mouth. Her hair falling over one eye. The short hair of he girl on the right. Is it a girl or is it a feminine boy? The way their eyes crinkle and shine. The whiteness of their teeth. The way the girl in the scarf is leaning forward slightly. The confident stance of the other child. There is so much that a writer can get from one small snapshot.

The important part of this is that it can help a writer 

I have a challenge and en exercise for you. What else can you get from the picture on the left? Please let me know in the comments below. That is the challenge.

The exercise is for you too do a similar deconstruction of the photo on the right. Please comment on whether you found the exercise useful.

Finally remember to pay close attention to everything and everyone you see. You never know when this might come in useful.

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