Thursday, 10 December 2015

Rest and Recreation for Writers

Good evening my Bookaholic friends. Apologies that this blog has been neglected for a few weeks. I have been manic, chasing around the country doing book signings and generally enjoying my life as a writer. The third book in the DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries was released three weeks ago and since then my feet haven't touched the ground. The book was launched in Waterstones, Dundee and a great time was had by all. I gave a talk on hanging, as you do, and somehow or other it turned out to be funny. The audience obviously thought so as you can see from the photograph below. 

It's a wild life being an author and I love every minute of it. However, often it can be difficult to take time out to relax. Rest and recreation is important for a number of reasons. The main one is so that I can recharge my batteries. A bit like the energiser bunny I just keep going and going. However, if I, or any other writer, keeps going at this pace I will eventually run out of steam. The second is to allow the brain and the mind to recover. It is difficult to come up with new plots and think of saying things in different ways if life is being led at a hundred miles an hour. The brain needs to relax and recuperate as well. 

Things have calmed down a bit now and I will be taking it a bit easier on the lead up to Christmas. I will be having a break between Christmas and New Year. I intend reading all those lovely books I know I will be getting fro Christmas. If you are an author think about what you can do to treat yourself well and to take time to recharge your batteries. Look after yourself.

So there we have it Bookaholics. See you all back here soon for another reading and writing update. You can buy the books, including Killer's Cross, but clicking on the book covers on the right. 

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