Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Self Editing for Fiction Writers

It's another brand new day Bookaholics and I bring you a brand new post. Today the blog is both a writing and a book review blog as I bring you a review of an excellent resource for writers. 

Right from the start this book is both helpful and useful. There is a brief introduction, which sets the scene, and then it's straight into the meat of the book. Chapter 1 is Show and Tell. The authors explain what this is and demonstrate the difference with some useful examples. This involves giving a passage which does not quite work and then showing how it could be improved by changing, removing or adding words. This works well as it is easy to see the differences and how they were achieved. There are also exercises to do at the end of each chapter. The suggested answers to these are at the back of the book.

Each chapter uses a similar format and is equally as good. Chapters cover, dialogue, interior monologue, using beats, and point of view, amongst others. I would say it covers all those areas which many writers find difficult. The book is written in easy to read prose which puts the point across well.

The one thing I did find slightly jarring was the cartoons. I do not feel they added anything of value and the writing which accompanies them is difficult to read. The book is excellent without them.

Whilst more experienced writers may find they know much of the advice given in this book already, those newer to the craft will find it to be useful. I would suggest it is read before starting the first novel. Once the first draft is written then it should come into play to help shape and develop the novel. Overall, an excellent book which I can highly recommend


That brings us to the end of another Bookaholics post. See you all back here soon my friends. Until them, keep reading and writing.

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