Friday, 9 January 2015

The Snake Pit: Jr. High Can Be Torture

Good morning my bookaholic friends. It's a wild and windy day here in Bonnie Scotland. Perfect for curling up with a good book. Today I bring you a YA book. Yes I know that's un usual but I did promise you an eclectic selection. This one deals with the issue of bullying, hence the reason I have read and reviewed it here. 

This book has to be, without question,  one of the best books on bullying I have ever read. It should be obligatory reading at all secondary schools. Cinda is different as she has a facial deformity. On her first day at school she trips and falls in the cafeteria and is the laughing stock of the whole school. This gives the queen bee and her followers reason to feel they can mercilessly bully her. 

Cinda is a great character and Donna Dillon does a superb job of showing the full range of her emotions. She also shows the emotions and characteristics of all the main characters. It is a short book but the author, who is an adept writer, draws the characters well and keeps the story taut. It takes a unique approach to telling the story, which works well. It takes the form of interviews of all the key players. Although you know they are being interviewed you don't know why and this makes you keep reading. The author pulls no punches in telling the story and at times it can be a bit distressing. However this is necessary in order for the reader to get a sense of the impact of bullying. 

I enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to all teenagers and adults. It is available in all Amazon stores but here are the links for UK and USA

Donna has also written several other children's and YA books including a follow up to this book. These can be seen at her Amazon Author Page These are superb books and it is well worth taking a look. 

There we have it for another day bookaholics. Who knows what will appear next. Keep watching to find out. Above all, keep reading

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