Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers Conference

We are off to a conference on Bookaholic today. Or rather I was privileged to be a speaker at The Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers Conference last Saturday. This took place in the lovely Scottish City of Stirling. It was great to meet up with old friends and make new ones. The fabulous Caroline Johnston, seen below holding a copy of my Book 'Killer's Countdown' gave a really interesting talk on using Facebook. Caroline is a fascinating speaker, knowledgeable about marketing, and herself has published a book, 'What if', a YA book for girls. This is available on Amazon if you want to know more. 

Sandra Bain gave a really interesting talk on research for writers. She took a unique approach as she told us what she did wrong during her research and how she would do things differently now. She had me hooked and I was sorry when her talk came to an end. 

I was asked to speak about blogging and I had so much fun doing this. I am assured that everyone else enjoyed the presentation as well. One of the best parts of the day was chatting to other Christian Writers and getting to know more about them and their books. There are so many excellent writers in Scotland and I feel privileged to be a part of them.

The reason my books are all over the pictures is that this was the first day they were for sale. A little premature as the official launch isn't until next week. The picture at the top of the blog is when I cracked open the first box of books which was a very exciting moment. When I was asked to sign the books it took me by surprise but it was such a good feeling. I love being a writer and an author and I am so looking forward to the launch.

That brings another bookaholic missive to an end. What do I have in store for you next time. Drop by and find out. Until then, keep reading. 


  1. Nice post, Wendy. So glad you had fun!
    Hope you're well,
    BEYOND WORDS...Blue Ridge Mts. sweet-to-sassy contemporary romance: 11/19/14

  2. I'm enjoying life thank you Diane. Glad you enjoyed the post

  3. We loved having you and both you and Caroline were really inspiring - must have been because I've been building my new Facebook Writer's page ever since!