Sunday, 14 May 2017

Exercises to Stimulate the Creative Juices

I've been thinking a lot abut exercise recently. I was ill for many years and unable to exercise, however I have now fully recovered. Whilst my unexpected recovery is exciting, and I rejoice in my new found freedom, it has left me feeling somewhat unfit. Therefore, exercise and recovering my fitness are at the forefront of my mind.

This has got me thinking about how this new found interest in exercising can help me as a writer. Many researchers have shown. that exercise helps you to focus and stay on task. Many schools are now incorporating exercise into the day to help pupils concentrate. Exercise also helps to enhance creativity. Boom, there's my link to writing. Yes, exercise really does help you to write better, or at least to free your imagination.

So, what exercises help those creative juices to flow? There should be at least 20 minutes of exercise which gets the heart racing a little faster. Anything which you enjoy can count towards exercise. Unless you enjoy sitting watching telly, or sitting down to read. Sorry, that doesn't count. However, going for a walk and listening to an audiobook does count. Listening to a book on writing, and walking is a definite score.

I have recently taken up cycling again and find this to be a great way to get exercise and allow my brain to think differently. I notice things differently as well.

Exercise can also get you out in the fresh air. We've had a bonny spring so far, here in Scotland. Take advantage of the nice weather and exercise outside. You will notice things in different ways. Your mind can free fall and snippets of different ideas will come into your mind. If you can, record them as a voice memo to keep for later. Unless you're flying down a hill on your bike, or in the middle of a game of tennis of course, in which case probably not a good idea.

I appreciate not everyone reading this will be able to do physical exercise. I was at a conference yesterday. Once of the speakers suggested that an hour of free writing before starting the writing for the day, can help free the mind. This is something I certainly intend to try.

My final exhortation, get up and get out. Find a form of exercise you like and challenge yourself to do it every day for the next month. You might find it becomes a habit.

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  1. My doctor suggested I get a bicycle for some good but easy daily exercise, so I did. I found a nice “old-school” bike with balloon tires, one speed (I’d never be able to master 10-speed and even more. Not in what’s left of this lifetime.

    So far the results have been encouraging. It turned out the first of May was a pick-up day for rubbish, tree branches, limbs, etc. Just pile the stuff in the street by the driveway.

    I was so busy laughing and talking over my shoulder to my wife that I didn’t see the pile that waited just ahead.

    Talk about exercise! Man, that was an experience, but I find it hard for the city to justify nearly $4,000 for the emergency vehicle that took me to the wrong hospital. And of course, since that hospital didn’t use the plan I have, they billed me nearly $2,000 for emergency services and a three-day stay in ICU just to make sure I was going to be all right.

    I feel badly for my poor wife since my exercise accident upset her so much. She followed the emergency vehicle in our new Lexus and the entire matter had so upset her that she didn’t see the red light and a beer truck T-boned her. Insurance will cover most of the damage to the car…well, they determined it to be a total loss, and so whatever we end up getting can go toward another car.

    I just feel badly about my poor wife. I have no idea of the cost her stay will amount to since she has the same medical plan I do, but the good news is that she’s not suffering and when she comes out of her coma, the doctors don’t believe she’ll remember anything about the entire incident.

    In the meantime, lying in the hospital, I had plenty of time to think so when I was discharged, I donated the bike to The St. Vincent de Paul Society and opted to jog in place inside the garage.

    It's really a crazy world. The funniest things happen. Well, it’s my own fault that the oil from my old pickup leaked all over the floor. And since I lost my glasses in the bicycle incident I didn’t notice it.

    I have to laugh though, at the expression on my son’s face when he came by two days later to see why no one answered the phone. He said, “Dad, why are you lying here on the garage floor? Don’t you see it’s all oily?”
    The upside to all this is that now, back in the hospital, I can have a nurse push my wheelchair up to see my sweet wife. Of course, she can’t talk, but I’m sure she knows I’m there holding her hand (it’s a pity they couldn’t save the other hand, the one she crushed in the accident), but the upside to that is, now she can get out of a lot of housework I suppose I can do for her.

    Well, this exercise business has certainly been an eye-opener and I have lost nearly seven pounds I’m glad I no longer have to carry around.

    The moment my wife wakens from her coma, I’ll be sure to write a follow-up. (That is if the burns on my hand permit. Up until now I never dreamed the handles on pots and pans could get so hot, but now that I’m the cook, I’m learning quickly.

    Who ever knew a little exercise could be so exciting?

    "Hail Mary", now a novel, soon to be a feature film.